A Climate of Desire

A New Look at Christianity, Earthkeeping, and the Sexuality of Climate Change


An Unexplored Way

You're likely puzzled about how sexuality, Christianity, and climate change can ever be related...

But be puzzled no longer.

Written for skeptics and believers alike, A Climate of Desire is an uncommon mix of the provocative ecological wisdom of the writers of the Hebrew-Christian scriptures, with contemporary perspectives from sustainability experts and practitioners.

As we enter an increasingly agitated virtual age, and what many affirm is a new period of global warming, the path ahead requires us to take a fresh look. And it also calls us to reorient our longings and desires.

Hence this book, blending insights from faith, science, and popular culture. Filled with stories, sudden flashbacks of history, and real and visionary possibilities for change, the 182 pages of A Climate of Desire will both challenge and inspire you to follow a forgotten way that's filled with hope for the decades to come.

the book

A Climate of Desire is a Book on Christianity and Climate Change


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what people are saying

"Even for an avowed agnostic like myself, A Climate of Desire makes a compelling case we must draw upon all parts of the human experience―our minds, souls, and bodies―to meaningfully address the climate crisis."

"This must be the first book that dares to weave together sex, Christianity, and climate change. But Sasso, a 'recovering engineer', shows how closely related they actually are. Provocative, readable, and sustained by a robust theology, it is hard to imagine how this book will not widen and deepen our vision for this world's future."

"If you’re looking for real insights that arise at the nexus of disciplines and through the process of dialogue, here's a book that brings fresh thinking to the great dilemmas of humanity, faith, and ecology."


Fellow, Institute for Sustainability Leadership

University of Cambridge


Executive Director

Post-Carbon Institute


Distinguished Professor

Duke University


about the author


An entrepreneur and business sustainability consultant focused on religion and ecology, Eduardo.Sasso serves as a contributor to the renewable transition. In 2015 he helped co-found Eathkeepers, a citizen group in Vancouver working out a vision of ecology, public love, and climate justice.

Eduardo holds degrees in process engineering, marketplace theology, and sustainability from the University of Costa Rica, Regent College, and the University of British Columbia, respectively, all of which inform his work and research on the constructive role of faith in the public affairs of post-secular societies.


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